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Litter Life | Poultry Litter Treatment

Litter Life is a non-corrosive liquid poultry litter treatment that provides ammonia control and forms a biological barrier for poultry houses and litter beds. Our poultry litter treatment is a patented liquid formula specifically designed to improve the management of poultry by reducing ammonia and pathogens thereby increasing poultry health. Unlike most litter amendments, Litter Life is organic and safe to use and does not employ the use of toxic chemicals. Our poultry litter treatment promotes poultry welfare by using safe and natural methods.

Litter Life Benefits

  • Non-Corrosive
  • Keeps Litter DRY!
  • Real Results! Has shown to;
    • Reduce mortality rate by up to 3%
    • Help birds maintain body heat
    • Help eliminate litter bugs
    • Reduce condemnation rate by 246 to 489%
    • Increase feed conversion rate by 11 to 16%
    • Increase average flock weight by 3 to 4%
  • Binds Ammonia
    • Produces clean air
    • Lowers propane costs
    • Lowers exhaust fan associated costs
  • Reduces "caking" in litter
  • Non-toxic
  • Convenient liquid form.
  • Easy to apply liquid formula.
  • Applied with conventional liquid spray equipment.
  • Amazing odor abatement qualities
  • Less shavings required
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